Meet Our Mentors

Sadanand S. Kamat

MD, Kamat Yatri Niwas
 Navodyami  Sadanand S. Kamat MD, Kamat Yatri Niwas,
Sadanand S. Kamat is a second generation business owner and entrepreneur in the hotel and restaurant business. He is a managing partner and director of S. P. Kamat Group that began in 1948 to provide high quality vegetarian foods, which are suitable for any person, from working men to young children.
They currently have over 50 restaurants and hotels all over Karnataka, as well as some in Mumbai and Hyderabad. They have established a good brand name and loyal customers for their business, a key component of their success. Despite government regulation and worker shortages, S. P. Kamat Group continues to expand in Karnataka, especially in South Karnataka.
Sadanand S. Kamat has been a proud supporter or budding entrepreneurs and enjoys sharing his knowledge to help Navodyamis grow their businesses.